Transparency International: In times like these, transparency matters more than ever

Published by Transparency International on 19 March 2020, this article looks at the importance of transparency as governments around the world face shortages of medical supplies, prioritising of access to medical services, and allocation of relief funds.

  • It is essential that transparency, openness and integrity are maintained and extended across the health sector.
  • It is vital that emergency powers are exercised only for the purposes for which they were granted.
  • Since many normal oversight and accountability processes have been severely disrupted, governments should therefore go to extra lengths to act with integrity and be open with the public.
  • With massive stimulus packages to help economies recover from the impact of the pandemic already being discussed, the current crisis is also a reminder of the importance of transparency in how companies and industries lobby for public funds.
  • Governments must provide reasoned justification for the choices they make to contain the pandemic and boost their economies, so that they secure the public’s trust.   

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