Rumours of Xi Jinping – Li Keqiang leadership swap in ‘China reset’ strategy (Forbes)

Author: Kenneth Rapoza | Forbes | Published 11 November 2020

Kenneth Rapoza reports (with careful caveats) that there are rumours that, with China’s international ‘popularity’ waning over the past year (see October 2020 Pew Survey), President Xi and Premier Li might “do a Putin and Medvedev, and switch spots on the roster”. “Li Keqiang switching spots with Xi Jinping would be sold to the world as a ‘China reset’. It allows the Biden Administration to say, look, China has realized its errors, they removed their leader.”

The idea, according to Rapoza, would be to secure a softening of US policy towards China, and the removal of tariffs and/or sanctions. But how likely is the swap, h&t wonders? Nonetheless we are posting the story because Rapoza’s analysis makes for interesting reading.

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Image: Original photograph China Daily