US Presidential Election 2020: who would Kim Jong-un vote for?

The nuclear threat to North Asia, and possibly the US homeland, will remain one of the most intractable problems for the US president.

It is highly unlikely that in a second term Trump would step back from his maximum pressure sanctions strategy, and there is little evidence that this approach is anything other than counterproductive.

There are some indications that a Democrat victory in the presidential election could lead to a change in direction for US policy, which might offer greater opportunities for a pragmatic diplomatic solution.

For North Asian security, the best hope for a partial denuclearisation and a lessening of the security threat probably lies in Trump’s defeat.

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Revitalising the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Against the backdrop of US withdrawal from the Intermediate Range Treaty, and increasing pessimism about prospects for the renewal of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in 2021, this Brief identifies the stakes for the EU and outlines how it could achieve the internal consensus required to make a positive impact in the 10th NPT Review Conference (April-May 2020).

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