European Think-tank Network on China: Europe in the Face of US-China Rivalry

Published on 23 January 2020, this ETNC report contains 18 chapters from individual EU member states, and a further chapter focused on the EU’s perspective on Europe’s difficult balancing act between the US, a long-term strategic and economic partner, and China, the EU’s second most important market and, probably, the next economic superpower. 

The evidence presented in this report shows how US unilateralism and Chinese assertiveness have triggered a rethinking of the EU’s strategic landscape. Despite the differences between EU member states, its key finding is that all the countries analysed are in a similar position. They all consider the US their most important ally and they all depend on its military protection, but they also want to do as much business with China as possible.

Links to the publication:

Egmont Institute website

Mercator Institute for China Studies

Clingendael (Netherlands Institute of International Relations)